Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rainy Day Stomache Flu

Unfortunately the blogger of this site, my mom, is incapacitated with a bad tummy bug and asked me to write a little blurb in lieu of her... I myself am not to equipped for this but seeing as I am her daughter and would like to help I will leave you all with this... a friendly link to my boyfriend and my shared blog and a little video from youtube that might cheer up someone at home in bed, sick or other....


Love you all,

Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh those addictions

Happy Monday folks. This weeks subject will be on addictions. No not the typical addictions you think of. Drugs, Alcohol and Sex. No the under current addictions. The ones we do everyday, the ones we don't even realize we have.

Let's talk about games!!!! AH, those games. Those wonderful games we have to get to the next level with, we have to reach that badge, we have to have more points. And we will do anything to get it. We have them on our computers, phones and TVs. I know I do. Oh yes, it is vital to our existence.

It starts out simple enough, we join a game site for free. We just got a new computer or we are just bored. Then we realize we have to deal with commercial breaks, and other people have these pictures next to there names and we want that. I want that. How do I get that. Oh for fifty bucks a year, A YEAR, that my friend is a deal, we can have that picture next to our name and guess what no commercial breaks. Ahhh we are in, we are someone. YES, oh wait now we have to do the weekly challenges and did you get that badge and I hate this game but I need this badge. It could be my favorite badge after all. Oh yes she has that badge and which badge is that, I WANT THAT BADGE. Then there are gems, oh the gems. They can get me something special for my avatar, which of course looks nothing like me, only what I want to look like. (I could be at the gym instead of sitting on my A**) But the gems cost money, oh just this once, why not. My avatar needs that lab jumping at my feet.

Oh yes addictions, they come in all shapes and sizes. Some socially acceptable, some not, some we can justify, but are we fooling ourselves? Aren't we nation of some addiction or another? How many times have you used the expression "I'm just addicted to it"?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gentler, Kinder Me

Okay it is Sunday and today I am going to put my politcal ranting away for a moment. I dedicated a year of my life to this blog. So I have committed to write everyday.

So here is today's. Enjoy your life. Take time out for the moments, connect with God. Connect with family. Connect with friends. Life is too short for sorrow and grief. Sit on a park bench and watch the birds and squirrels. Turn off the tv and computer and sit down at a table and eat with someone. Talk to them. While we are only human, the joy of being human is to be grabbed and pursued. Sit on the beach or on the mountain. Closed your eyes for 10 minutes and breath. (hardest thing to do, try it sometime) Play a board game to the end. Sleep when you need to, wake when you need to, work when you need to, but don't forget to play. We underestimate to NEED for play. It can be as refreshing as sleep, as important as waking and as fruitful as work.

So fellow bloggers, followers, family and friends, Go Play

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Haiti, Haiti, Haiti

First things first, some of you have said you are having trouble leaving comments. (thanks for the emails) Try hitting the comment down below, I have set it up so you can even leave a comment anonymously. Just keep trying, I look forward to hearing from you.

Okay with that out of the way. I was laying on the waxing table going through the social exceptable womens routine of having hair ripped off my face. All I could think about is the responses to yesterdays Blog. The most interesting was my beautiful husband, he pokes his head out of the shower and says to me "hey honey, did you hear about the group of homeless people that got together and raised money for Haiti." He continues to tell me "they did this because this group thought that the people of Haiti had it worse than them" Okay WOW!! Now that is a statement. Even the homeless are getting in on it.

I tell you this story because I believe that we should help people. Of course it has been brought to my attention that being a good Christian of course you give. But I can't help but to think about our self preservation. While the world is sending millions probably billions to Haiti. We are in a DEPRESSION. Yes I said it, a depression. While the news or our government is not saying it, I will. Foreclosures are at there highest, unemployment is at it's highest, and let's not forget the under-employed. While I have lived through a few earthquakes and have had a roof fall through and lost my home in the last big earthquake. I know they are horrible, scary and a lot of clean-up. Nobody came to my families rescue, I had to live in a friends trailer (in her backyard) with my two young daughters until we could come up with the money for a new home. I do thank God for my friends trailer and my friend. Please know I do appreciate. However, the government my government did not come to my rescue or any of the other 1000's of people who were misplaced. I was actually one of the lucky ones. Some of you might be thinking what about FEMA? Oh that was helpful and long. Okay Okay, enough about that, but what about New Orleans, it still is not rebuilt. What about the hundreds of houses that have burned to the ground right here in California. Those aren't rebuilt either. Didn't our goverment bail out the banks so that they could in turn loan money, which in turn would produce jobs?

Hmmmm......I sound a little Tony Bourdain. Cynical and angry. But I am not, no really I'm not. I do feel sorry for the people of Haiti and of course a tear comes to my eye when I see the images on tv. I just can't help but to shed a tear for us too. It is a little scary what is happening in our own country. Hey Government people What About Us????

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Beginning

While I understand with a name like Cook's Thoughts. One might think this blog will be about cooking. As it turns out I am a professional chef. In the future there may be some useful information about cooking. However, that is not what this blog is completely about.

Today for instance I was trying to get a badge in pogo (it is a game site) and in the chat people were talking about Haiti and how they were tired of seeing the send money to Haiti relief. People were talking about how broke they were but they did send 10 dollars to Haiti. (maybe it's because the tv won't let us forget) One woman had been looking for a job for months and had a interview later this day and we all wished her well. Then the conversation turned to how expensive food was and how the bail out for the banks was a joke. I started to think.

Wow, how amazing people are that even though they don't have a job, they found 10 dollars to send accross the ocean. To people they will never meet.

While I am mad at the banks and our government. In fact, my husband supports us by building. He is a contractor and there is no work right now, because banks are not loaning. So while we pinch every penny and try to save our house like the rest of the country. I am still amazed at us as a whole. We still give what we can at church when that basket comes around. We still send 10 dollars a person for people we will never meet. I find that amazing. Is this good? Should we be more self preserved? A little more selfish? After all what can 10 dollars get us these days?