Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello How are you?

Hello Friend,

How are you? I am doing fine, I got some bad news today. A friend of mine told me she has cancer. I don't know what to say to her. I told her of course, that everything would be okay. I want to believe that and I have to believe that. But I am scared. I am taking a stance against this disease, it has killed people I love. It has changed people I love. IT has touched way too many of us. I am not sure how we can fight this demon..................Oh yes I know............PRAY, prayer is the only thing that can cure cancer.

So my dear friend, I would like to ask everyone who reads this Blog to cut and paste and tell the world about this prayer, Let's stop cancer.

Lord I pray to you
I give you the authority
For my Life and My Heart
CANCER, I know you can abolish it, you can kill it
You can stomp it from our lives.
Thank you for the doctors who are experts
Thank you for the medicine that keeps it away
We thank you for giving us the weapons needed to fight
we need your help
We need your intervention, only the way you can do it
We need you to save us
Thank Lord for this gift

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Things I want

I want the world to be better, more specific, I want our leaders to lead
(Heb 13:17)
I want all those animals to be safe from the oil
(Gen 49:18)
I want people to say what they mean and mean what they say
(Prov 23:23)
I want the word Love to have meaning
(Psa 18:1)
I want the word faith to have meaning
(Dan 4:37)
I want to go someplace amazing
(Psa 89:11)
I want to eat something I have never eaten before
(Gen 27:4)
I want people to live up to their responsibilities
(Psa 40:6)
I want all families to love each other, no matter what
(Eph 6:1,2)
I want people to ask for help
(Psa 55:22)
I want everybody to experience Joy
(Psa 35:9)
I want everybody to experience madness and real Laughter
(Job 8:21)
I want people to live in others shoes
(Prov 3:5-7)
I want people at least to walk one mile
(Gen 3:8)
I want To Love and Understand and Have Faith everyday
(Rev 21:4)
I want everybody to know God Loves Them
(1 John 4:19)