Thursday, March 25, 2010

The thoughts, The thoughts

Oh My, The thoughts going through my mind. Okay first, I HATE people who throw puppies away. I don't get it, what are you accomplishing????????? I think people who can do that are pure evil. Just evil.

Second, I believe that restaurant food should taste good. Unfortunately, it does not. By the way never go to the Mexican place at the Harbor in Ventura............Never. When food is bad you should not pay for it. EVER

Third, Family is important, don't ever Dis your family. If you are lucky enough to have family then no matter what is going on, forgive each other and go on. Realize there is a greater good. Family means forgetting past crap.

Fourth, spend the money on a moment. Go away with your loved one, enjoy something new. Even take a night. Live with the people you love.

Okay these were thoughts, talk to guys soon

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